“Keen Eye for Details”

“Mike is very gifted and has a keen eye for the details. His creativity and professionalism came in handy with several times. He is polite and easy to work with. Mike will do great on any project he works on. I would endorse anytime.”

Mike“Keen Eye for Details”

“Dedicated Worker”

“Mike Mawhorter is a very hard working employee. He is a quick learner and he was a pleasure to work with. Mike has a very creative mind and can pretty much do about anything if you let him. He is a dedicated worker and takes great pride in his work. I would definitely recommend him to any prospective employer and … Read More

Mike“Dedicated Worker”

“Above and Beyond”

“Mike’s passion for current and relevant Internet marketing shows through his personality, hard work, and hobbies. Mike was very hands-on with interactive marketing for Sequoia and used his creative abilities to enhance Sequoia’s image. I recommend Mike to anyone, because he is fun to work with, he gets things done, and goes above and beyond.” -Chad Kinner Coworker

Mike“Above and Beyond”

“Masters New Roles”

“I had the pleasure of working with Mike Mawhorter in the SEO team at Sequoia Technologies. As part of every start up, Mike has been moved into various departments within the company and has mastered each role quickly.

Mike“Masters New Roles”

“Relationship Builder”

“Mike is a Social Media guru and constantly pushed us to be more involved in the future of internet marketing. He holds a wide variety of skills allowing him to be effective in many areas of business, but particularly in online marketing. He’s passionate about building relationships — both online and offline — and would make a valuable member of … Read More

Mike“Relationship Builder”

“Quick Learner & Creative Mind”

“Mike has always been a pleasure to work with and is very adaptable. He is a quick learner and very knowledgeable in his field. His passion for social media and technology is first rate. On top of his outgoing personality, Mike has a creative mind like no other. I would absolutely recommend Mike to anyone.” Nicole Mathew Coworker

Mike“Quick Learner & Creative Mind”

“Cutting Edge”

“In my time working with Mike, he impressed me with his creativity, knowledge of his field, and constant upbeat attitude. Mike carefully crafted and proposed his position to Sequoia Technologies as Marketing Specialist, and immediately excelled. Mike gave our company a unique social media presence, which he managed meticulously. He constantly kept himself on the cutting edge of advances in … Read More

Mike“Cutting Edge”

“Innovative Marketer”

“Mike is a very creative and talented individual that has the ability to merge creative and innovative thinking with actionable steps. Through his extensive knowledge of social media marketing, combined with his multimedia skills he has provided a detailed blueprint for establishing the successful integration and execution of both internal, and external social media marketing products. He communicates well with … Read More

Mike“Innovative Marketer”

“Creative Adapter”

“I have worked with Mike for about a year and a half now, and during that time he has been a utility player thrust into many roles of varying talents. He constantly shows and ability to adapt to new situations, and really shines when put in a creative role. Mike has a talent of creating visual pieces for marketing or … Read More

Mike“Creative Adapter”

“Every Day”

“You should work here every day.”

Mike“Every Day”